A major project for high quality durum wheat production

The AGER Project “From Seed to Pasta – Multidisciplinary approaches for a more sustainable and high quality durum wheat production”, led by Società Produttori Sementi as project leader, is aimed at promoting the production of high quality durum wheat through the enhancement of pre-competitive conditions in different areas of the cereal sector, in favor of a raw material of high-quality, both from the technological and nutritional side.

Financed by the Foundation “AGER - Agroalimentare e Ricerca", an association between grant-making foundations promoting scientific research in the agro-food sector, the project “From Seed to Pasta” (FSTP) is implemented by a broad and qualified partnership formed by nine leader Institutions aimed at implementing effective synergies between the different areas of expertise.
The specific research topics were identified by a Scientific Committee composed of specialists of the academic and industrial world, in order to identify shared objectives and practical interests.

At a time when the concept of "quality" and the market needs are rapidly evolving, the FSTP project has focused its research on the development and the genetic selection of durum wheat varieties characterized not only by a high yield, but also by intrinsic characteristics related to the transformation processes and to the final consumer demand, such as food safety and healthiness of the products (eg. mycotoxins content), qualitative and dietary characteristics (functional foods) and the sustainability of the agricultural production.

With a total cost of € 6,341,000 and a term of three years, the project FSTP (of which Società Produttori Sementi is the lead partner) is made up of six work packages (WP) related to three main macro-areas of development: Genetics and Genomics (WP1 + WP2, mainly involving DiSTA, IGA and PTP), Breeding and Agronomic Techniques (WP3, involving PSB and CIMMYT), Food Quality and Safety (WP4 + WP5, mainly involving UNITUS, CRA-QCE, ISPA-CNR and UNIPR).

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